Projects / Clients
High Definition Programs:    
RV Roadtrips – HGTV-HD / DIY, Homerun Ent.
Gamecaster’s Battlefield 2142 Invitational - Gameplay HD
Championship Gaming Series, Video Profiles – Direct TV
Clark Bartram – Americas Fitness Professional
Gary Watts – Real Estate Seminar
The Koll Company Tribute
The Merit Companies
Bayer Aleve Soft Gel Caps        
Dr. Chafoo’s Beauty Secrets– Provenzano & Associates
Endocare - Video Movie Magic
7DMC - Video Movie Magic    
WESH TV (Florida)– Panasonic Projector Division
AV Concepts (Phoenix) - Panasonic Projector Division
La Rok / 7 Jeans (New York) - Panasonic Projector Division
Jenny Craig – Tentmakers Entertainment    
Deloitte & Touche – Women’s Initiative Media Training  
CNS Response – Direct    
Halo Room – H/P invent, Magic Island
Blackbox -  Sun Micro Systems        
Tyco Electronics – NYSE Web video, Cubist Media Group
Craig Reality Group – Direct    
Johnson & Johnson    
Cutting Edge Media Productions
Phillips Medical - Blueyed Productions, LLC.
Fire Mist Media – Live satellite & pre-taped presentation
DVD Extra’s / VNR’s / Marketing                  
The Grinch - New Wave Entertainment    
Bow Wow Dog Food – Agency
LT breaks record – San Diego Chargers TV
New Uniforms & Logo Colors – SD Chargers PR/Marketing
Nazareth; Free to laugh - Horizon Christian Fellowship,DVD
Cable Television:
Do’s & Don’ts of Cruising - RC Entertainment,  Travel Ch.    
I Want That – HGTV (various segments)
I Want That Tech Toy – HGTV  (various segments)
The History of Pin Ball – World Of Wonder – The History Ch.
All Access Celebrity Weddings, Tony Hawk – MTV Networks
Gamecaster's Battlefield 2142 Invitational - Gameplay HD
Championship Gaming Series, Video Profiles – Direct TV
Schizophrenia- Retirement Living TV, Healthline
Programs / Projects listed by Clients:
Recent Years - This is not a complete list
ABC News: (this is a sample of the hundreds of stories I’ve worked on).
“Marine Poisoning” 20/20 Greg fisher producer, aired April 6th 2007
“San Diego Fires” WNT, GMA live shots and news coverage  (8 days)
“Fallen Idol” American Idol scandal, Harry Phillips, producer Prime Time
“Aloha Al Qaeda” Homeland security undercover investigation in Hawaii 20/20
“Container Investigation”  20/20,  Brian Ross Unit
San Diego & Los Angeles political conventions, live prime time programming
Various border stories, Nightline, World News & GMA
“Tijuana teen drinking”, 20/20  Jay Schadler
“Van Dam kidnap / Westerfield”  story, 20/20, WNT, GMA,  Charles Gibson
“Diploma Mill”, Ensenada, Prime Time Investigation, Brian Ross
“Heaven’s Gate”, WNT, 20/20, GMA, Prime Time, live & tape
“Superbowl San Diego”, Live GMA 2 hour program
Brush Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, Major News Stories
CBS News- 48 Hours Mystery & 60 minutes
“Bradford”   Bill Lagatuda - correspondent
“Bum Fights”  Ed Bradley - correspondent
“Cruise ship death”
“Sex Slaves”
“Mens Sexual Revolution”
“Beauty Queen Murder”  Napa Valley, Bill Lagatuda
“Cynthia Sommers” 48 Hours Mystery, will air sometime in 2007
NBC News - Dateline & Nightly News
“Hotel Security” - Dateline, Mary Ann Rotondi - Producer
“Celebrity Stalker” - Dateline
“Conjoined Twins” - Dateline
“ID Theft” (Nightly News)
AMC - American Movie Classics
“Behind the Screen” host wraps & org. features for West Coast shoots
“Celebrity Homes” 12 homes/segments primarily Hand-held
“Director’s Dialogue” DP of multi-camera interviews with movie directors
Discovery Channel
Discovery News
“Grey Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon”
DIY (Do it Yourself) Network
“Enable Your Home” w/ Robert Guillaume
“RV Roadtrips”  13  programs
Entertainment Tonight
“Jeri Ryan tours the USS Abraham Lincoln”
“Carnie Wilson” surgery
“Charlie’s Angels” Tijuana
Fine Living Network
“Riding The Iron Dragon”, China by train 1 hr documentary– Husky TV
“Your Private Island”  (2) Little Saint Simon & Holbox, MX
“The Art of the Party” (9) 30 min. shows (24P) Organic Entertainment
“Insiders List”  (Approx. 16 segments)  D.M.E. Productions
“Migi Girls Special” Organic Entertainment
Fit TV (A Discovery Network)
“Ultimate Goals” 13 one hour programs,   Organic Entertainment
Food Network (Scripps productions & Homerun Entertainment)
“Food Finds” Alaska Food Special
“Food Finds” in New Mexico, Texas, CA
“Personal Chef’s” 60 min. special
“Rock Star Menu’s” 60-minute special
Fox Sports Network
“54321” Features & host wraps, multible shows
“Howie Long’s Tough Guys”
“Beyond the Glory”
History Channel
“History of Video Games”    World of Wonder
“Biography” various people / subjects
“The Gun”
Home & Garden Television
“Restore America” 145 homes/segments in 15 states over 3 years
“Grow It” gardening show
“Christmas Across America” (San Diego)
“Outdoor Rooms” one-hour special
“Kitty Bartholomew” show
“Celebrity Hobbies”
“Best Built Home”
“I Want That” & “I Want That Tech Toy”  (Various segments)
Home & Garden Television – HD Network
“RV Roadtrips”  13 programs, High Definition (Homerun Entertainment)
Italian Television (RAI):
New Hampshire Primary  5 hour special
Documentary: “The American Mafia”
America’s Cup daily coverage - for 6 months
“Women & Gangs” – News Special
The Learning Channel (TLC)
“A Personal Story” DP of 4 in a series of programs about plastic surgery
“The Next War” Sawyer media
MTV Networks
“True Spin”
“All Access Celebrity Weddings 2006”  Tony Hawk
NFL Films
“Destination San Diego” 2003 Superbowl network
“Superbowl Beat” daily show during SD Superbowl
PBS – (National & KPBS)
“Walden Woods”  PBS
“Ethical Marketplace”  PBS
“Issues that won’t go away” KPBS
“San Diego in the 50’s” hosted by Marion Ross  - KPBS
“NOW” on PBS - Jumpstart Productions
“A Place of our own” KCET/PBS
Travel Channel
“The Do’s and Don’ts of Cruising” 1-hour cruise ship special, airs 2007
“Olivia’s Mexican Riviera Cruise” 1-hour special   RC Entertainment
“Dangerous Crossing”  Worlds busiest border crossing - ABC News Prod.
“Travel Gear” – various segments  - DCI/DSM productions
“Fantasy Garages” - Beanfield Productions
Programs produced for syndication & home video market:
“Cooperstown, Baseball’s Main Street”
“Dinosaurs in the Wild” Dinamation
“Fantasy Football” the video
“Garden Railways of San Diego” Volume 1,2
“Garden Railways of Durango
“National Garden RR Convention San Diego”
“LGB in America”
Broadcast Television:
"Innocence Meets Guilt" 20/20, prod. Greg Fisher
NOW on PBS- JumpStart Productions, PBS
The One; Making a Music Star – Endemol USA
California Connected – KCET / PBS
A Place of Our Own – KCET / PBS
“James McDowell Capture” - Americas Most Wanted
“Orthia Ty Porter Capture” - Americas Most Wanted
“Dennis Green” Off the Record, The Sports Network
Age of Love – Demo
48 Hours Mystery:
“Ashley Barnett” - Nancy Kramer, producer
Bradford Murders”– Paul LaRossa, producer
“Race Car Murder II”– Sue McHugh, producer
“Cynthia Sommer”- G. Keshishyan / M. Spencer
60 Minutes:
“Bum Fights” - Ed Bradley, Producer: Michael Karzis
“Savant” - Morley Safer,  Producer: Nathan
Good Morning America:
Cynthia Sommer Trial
Marine Widow
Elder Attacks
Heaven’s Gate Anniversary
Church Sex Offender
Low Testosterone
Dolphins Shot
ABC World News:
President Ford Death & Funeral
Military ID Theft
Marine Indictment
Iraq Training - Twentynine Palms
Jon Benet Ramsey – Boulder, CO
Gitmo Guard Abuse – Brian Ross Unit
Hedge Funds
Esperanza Fire
Shamu Attack    
When Animals Attack
Military Families on Iraq
Haditha Charges
President Ford Death & Funeral
Citrus Disaster
Person of the Week - Marine Brannan
Marine Tattoos
Chrysler Sale
Critical Care
Other Broadcast Clients:
Access Hollywood, Extra, G4TV Network, Logo network, Sports List, Greenflash,
ABC News Productions, Americas Most Wanted
Corporate Clients:
Other / Corporate / Medical clients:
Apple Computer, Jaguar, Harrah’s Casinos, Microsoft, Brand X, Parallax, Biogen-Idec,
Accredited Home Lenders, Broadstreet Productions, Microsoft, Time Frame (NY),
Sun Microsystems, Johnson & Johnson, Sandler / O’Neil, GE Healthcare & many more.
Panasonic – Toughbook and Projector Divisions
Numerous “Video Case Studies” for above divisions
NAB 2003/04 video (traveled to 15 TV stations across the U.S.)
Investor Video
“Computer Chip World Tour” China, Philippines, Ireland, Taiwan,  Hong Kong
San Diego Chargers (Ellen Meador – Exec. Producer)
Charger Magazine (30 min. show, 4 years)
S.D, Charger “Tickets” commercials 2001,02,03, 04
“Game Plan” various segments (3 years)
S.D Charger sports features continuing each year for various uses
San Diego Padres
“A Ballpark For San Diego”
San Diego Water Authority
Olivenhain Dam project (documentary about the building of), over 4 year period
San Diego Zoo
Shot & produced Over 50 video news releases
“Pandas come to San Diego” China / San Diego (1 hour special)
“Koala’s in Australia”   documentary / VNR
“Wildlife/Rainforest of Costa Rica” documentary
“Butterfly Farming” Honduras, Papua New Guinea (documentary/video sales)
“Manatees of Guyana” Documentary
U.S. Navy
Public Works “Contamination & Clean-up” (15 min. video Hawaii)
Public Works “Your Moving!” (30 min. video, Monterey, CA)
Highlights of work at KGTV-10, San Diego:
“Korea Rising” South Korea - one hour documentary
“Off to Africa” Kenya, Africa - one hour documentary & 15 part series
“San Diego Remembers” Germany, London, France, Belgium - documentary
Mexico City Earthquake - news coverage 4 days on location
San Francisco Democratic Convention - Live news coverage & features
New Orleans Republican Convention - Live coverage & features
10 Signature Series; produced, shot & edited  (10) one hour programs
Thousands of local news stories
All logo copyrights respected

Currently shooting:  “Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse” - HD series PBS
“The Jumpitz” - DVD & Web series