Equipment we own
Sachtler CF-HD with Video 18 plus head
Sachtler CF Speedlock w/ Video 20 head
Cartoni Focus AL2 System
MSE Libec TH-M20 system
(24p or 1080i)
Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camera
.7 wide angle lens adaptor
Zoe remote zoom control
Tripod - Cartoni Focus AL2 System
Sony 9” AC/DC HD multi-format monitor
Tungsten Lights
(3) 250w, (3) 600w, (1) 1K, Lowell w/ barndoors & speedrings
(3) 100w Peppers w/ barndoors
(2) 200w Dedos w/ pattern projectors, barndoors
(1) 750w ETC Source 4 Gobo/pattern light
Chimera’s - (1) XXS, (3) XS, (2) Small, all with fabric grids
Dimmers, stands for all above lights, Lot’s of gels & patterns
Kino Flo Lights:
(2) Diva 400, Daylight & Tungsten
directional grids included, remote dimmers
HMI lights*
PAG 24w battery HMI camera light
(2) Joker 200 AC/DC
(1) Joker 400
(1) Joker 800
All above w/ barndoors, Chimera’s, grids & other accessories
Grip Gear:
(6) C+ stands, Matthews
(2) Heavy duty boom arms, Matthews
(2) Bogen Avenger stands w/ built-in boom arms
(8) Matthews / Lowell Kit type light stands
4x4,6x6,8x8 silks, nets w frames -  flags, scrims, etc.
(3) Flex-Fill (2 white/silver, 1 white/gold)
(2) Flex-Fill Silk
(4) 4x4 reflector panels w/ frames
ScrimJim (with silks, nets, solid)
(2) Road Rags kit- Mathews Lg. & Sm
(15) Sandbags/shotbags (5lbs to 25 lbs)
(12) Duvatyne (Black Material) various sizes
ND9, ND1.2, New Hampshire Frost gel rolls
Power cables, clamps, tools, gaff tape, blk. wrap
Field monitor stand
Magliner w/shelf
Kartmaster w/ shelf
Hollywood Microdolly - camera dolly system
Microdolly Jib - 9’ arm with tripod can be 10’ high
Microdolly Camera mount / car mount system
Wireless video transmitter & handheld TV
Scriptboy wireless Time Code clipboard
Slate w/ clapper
(4) walkie-talkies (motorola)
Make-up kit - small w/ powder, hairspray, mirror, etc.
GMC Savana Pro Van - Custom
includes 1800 watt Inverter for AC power & battery charging, built-in refrigerator, GPS, DVD, XM radio, Scanner, two-way radio, rear back-up camera, roll out equipment drawers.
(4) folding camp type chairs
4 Ch. 442 Sound Devices Mixer - Primary pkg.
3 Channel Sound Devices Mixer
2 channel Sound Devices Mixer
(2) Lectrosonics wireless camera links
(7) Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems
Tram TR-50 lavaliere microphones
PSC MiliMic
Sanken COS-11 lavalier microphones
Sennheiser 416 Shotgun mic & boompole
Schoeps Microphone system & boompole
(2) ElectroVoice RE-50B hand microphone
Lots of microphone cables, audio adaptors,
misc. redundant equipment
DC Power:
(8) Anton/Bauer Batteries (Hytrons, Dionic, Pro Paks)
(2) Anton/Bauer Chargers & power supplies
DC / Battery lights
(2) Lite Panel kits (flood & spot)
Pag light system 20w,30w,50w
(2) Lowell 20w,35w with A/B battery attachment
Joker 200 AC/DC HMI (same listed under HMI’s)
Chrosziel Matte Box / Filterholder
(25) various 4x4 filters including: Star,
Soft FX, Warm Soft FX, Pro Mist, Black Pro Mist, ND’s, Grads, Fog, Polarizer, Warm, Coral, Contrast, Ultra Contrast, others.
High Definition camera package:
Panasonic HDX-900
720p/1080i   24p/30p/60i
Fujinon HD 18x7.6 standard lens
Fujinon HD Wide Angle 13x4.5 lens w/ 2x
Sachtler carbon fiber video 18 tripod HD
Sony 9” AC/DC HD multi-format monitor
Standard Definition Cameras:
XD CAM  Sony PDW-510 24p/30p/60i
Sony BVW D-600WS Betacam SP
Sony HVR-Z1U DVCAM / mini DV
Sony PD-100A DVCAM / mini DV
Sony HDR-HC9  HDV/ mini DV w/ nightshot
If we don’t have it, we can rent it!
Digital Audio recorder w/ time-code capability
Audio cassette with time code capability
DVD with time-code window-burn recorded on location
IFB & producers wireless feed:
(5) Lectrosonics IFB receivers w/ headsets
(2) Lectrosonics IFB transmitters (for truck or mixer)
(5) IFB “talent” type earpieces-Audio Implements
(1) powered external speaker (XLR input)
Genter Box
JK Audio phone patch w/ Cell phone connection
JK Audio “THAT II” phone patch
Audio Implements IFB300 communications amp
Speakerphone w/ 250’ phone line
(2) telephones
Video Monitors:
Panasonic 17” HD/SD broadcast Monitor
Sony Luma Multi-format 9” LMD-9050 AC/DC
Sony 13” Hi-Res. PVM-1342Q, AC only
Transvideo 5” AC/DC Hi-Res. “Rainbow II”
* sometimes small additional fee for use of some of these items.
Panasonic HDX-900, XDCAM, Betacam SP, DVCAM, HDV