We are a great team!

Jeff Freeman - D.P. / Videographer
With over 25 years experience, Jeff is one of today’s most versatile DP’s.  A multiple Emmy award winning videographer, editor and producer, Jeff started shooting TV shows in high school, and never stopped!  After a time in local news, Jeff started his freelance career with his first client being the World Famous San Diego Zoo.  For next 12 years, the Zoological Society of San Diego depended on Jeff for shooting all their video projects, from fund raising videos to 1-hour documentaries profiling their work around the World.  During this time, the broadcast clients continued to grow:  ABC, CBS, & NBC News, ESPN & FOX sports, The Food Network, Discovery & The Travel Channel, as well as corporate clients such as: Panasonic Computers, Bayer, Toyota, Duracell, Apple, and many more.

Jeff’s expertise in high definition television sent him across the USA shooting “RV Roadtrips” for the new HGTV-HD network.  Other HD projects have included corporate, commercial and documentary productions.  Jeff frequently consults and works on national productions in both single and multi-camera environments, live or tape.  Jeff has the experience to call on for any production that demands care, creativity and enthusiasm!

Rebecca Usnik - Audio Tech/Sound Mixer
With over 15 years experience in providing on-location audio services, Rebecca is fully competent to handle any audio mixing job!  Having traveled the world with Jeff doing audio in some of the most difficult environments, Rebecca ‘s experience is second to none.  From the rain forests of Costa Rica, to an operating room at Sharp Hospital in San Diego, Rebecca’s great attitude and constant smile makes her a joy to have on a crew!  She has the right audio package for almost any job, with quality gear that always works!  Click this link to find out more about Rebecca Usnik.Jeff.htmlRebecca.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
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Director of Photography
Audio Tech. / Mixer
Based in: San Diego, CA
We cover all of Southern
California, Nevada & Arizona
Pets: (2) Border Collies,
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Jeff & Rebecca owned and operated the 4th largest video post production company in San Diego from 1989 to 2003.  Full linear and non-linear edit systems, all production services.  They down-sized in 2003 to just ENG/EFP equipment & services to simplify their lives and have more fun doing what they love to do!
Jeff & Beckie shooting Fit TV program “Ultimate Goal”  at USMC “Mud Run” in Bakersfield, CA